Support Ukraine

Suggestions of where to donate

Help Fund an Anti-Drone System Iranian made drones are crippling Ukrainian energy infrastructure, leaving Ukrainians without running water, heating, electricity or internet during the coldest months of year. Historian Timothy Snyder is raising funds in collaboration with President Zelenskyy's team to buy a drone hunter and protect Ukrainians. You can read what Snyder has to say about it here.

Come Back Alive. Definitely the easiest place to donate to! Completely trusted grass-roots charity fund buying Ukrainian soldiers protective equipment.

Prytula Foundation. Now world famous, Serhii Prytula and his team buy vital equipment for the Ukrainian army with donations, including 60 Spartan armoured vehicle from the British Army this week!

Dzyga's Paw – Providing Starlinks. Internet and mobile connection is one of the things the r*ssians most target to prevent Ukrainians from talking to one another and from news leaving the country to the rest of the world. This trusted charity makes sure there is a resilient, independent way for civilians, volunteers, and soldiers to stay connected.

Katya's Medicine Donation Fund. A donation drive to provide much needed medicines to people in need.

Ukraine Aid Operations. Trusted non-profit delivering protective equipment directly to Ukraine's defenders.

Alex Bond Donations Page and Twitter account, where he posts (in English) about fundraising projects.

Kyiv Independent Subscription. Support independent Ukrainian journalism for just £5 a month to help get a balanced, Ukrainian perspective on what is happening in the war out into the world in the English language.